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Why should a copywriter be your business’ best friend?

Why should a copywriter be your business’ best friend?

Why should a copywriter be your business’ best friend?

Sachin Parmar, evokeu’s Co-founder and Creative Director recently wrote for leading business title, Brainz Magazine about the role of a copywriter and the many ways they can support your business.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of words: a picture might paint a thousand words, but written content can do so much more. A copywriter is a professional writer who specialises in crafting strong, thought-provoking and impactful words for use in advertising and marketing. Copy is pivotal to your business and builds the body of your brand.

  • Words that pack a punch: a copywriter will work with you to create copy that accomplishes results, but still maintains the look and feel of your business. A piece of copy that’s been written by a professional copywriter will be clear and concise, but most importantly it’ll stand out from the crowd. These are all vital criteria for attracting your sought-after potential customers.

  • Permanent or freelance: depending on your business, you may require the skills of a copywriter more regularly, which might mean it’s worth hiring a copywriter to join your team on a more permanent basis. However, often businesses use copywriters on an ad-hoc basis and therefore opt for the services of a freelancer to support their business as and when needed.

  • Help with every word: a copywriter can support you with all your writing needs from drafting copy for your website, social channels and marketing collateral, to creating blogs, articles and press releases. Some copywriters decide to focus on just one area of writing, but the majority of copywriters are adept at adjusting their skills to suit many different forms of copy.

  • Worth their weight in gold: a good copywriter can be hard to find. Once you’ve found one, do as the title of this article suggests and make them your best friend! You’ll immediately notice the difference after utilising their skills and your business will reap the rewards.

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