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Why is a company’s brand its most valuable asset?

Why is a company’s brand its most valuable asset?

Why is a company’s brand its most valuable asset?

  • Give it your time and attention: you’ve designed a logo, built a website, nailed your key messaging and have opted for a colour palette that is reflected throughout your marketing collateral – tick. But, there’s so much more to building a brand and if you want it to work hard for your business, you need to give it the time and attention it deserves.

  • A taster for your clients: a strong brand will run through everything that your business does, from the way it presents itself online via its website and social, the look of your office or store to the way you conduct yourself when speaking to clients. Your brand will be a client’s first experience of your business, make sure it’s not their last.

  • Be honest: make sure your brand is a true reflection of your business and is embodied by your staff. In a world of fakery, honest and authentic brands have a better chance of connecting with an audience and will stand the test of time.

  • Keep it simple: your company brand doesn’t need to be over complicated. As long as it’s clear what your purpose is and you keep to the same messaging, you’ll be more likely to engage prospective clients – it can be as simple as Nike’s ‘just do it’.

  • Utilise agency experience: use the expertise of an agency like evokeu to make sure that your brand is working for your business from the outset. Evokeu are specialists in brand design and delivery, having worked with businesses across multiple sectors to refine their image, messaging and focus.

  • Helps build loyal customers: clients will seek out brands that resonate with them and even if the product or service is more expensive than its competitors, if customers are wedded to the brand, they will continue to purchase.

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