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what’s the best marketing tool for your restaurant?

what’s the best marketing tool for your restaurant?

what’s the best marketing tool for your restaurant?

  • A key marketing tool: if you own or manage an eatery, there’s one vital part of your brand that you need to pay particular attention to – your menu. There’s no point investing time and money in building a stylish website, flashy social media profiles and classy interiors, when your menu has been neglected.

  • First taste of your business: a menu gives your customers a visual taste of your establishment before they’ve even taken a bite of any food. Ensure that they’re hooked from the beginning and lead them salivating through your door, turning those potential customers into paying customers.

  • Choose your words wisely: you need to tempt your customers with an attention-grabbing selection of food, whilst not overwhelming them with too much information. On a menu, there’s a fine line between too many words and not enough.

  • Visually appetising: Never scrimp on photography, especially when it comes to food which is notoriously difficult to snap. Hire a professional food photographer, who will know the tricks of the trade to make your dish look its best. It’ll cement in your potential customers’ minds the type of eating establishment that you are.

  • Make it an experience: your menu needs to use design to tell a story so that your customers know that by visiting your restaurant, café or pub, they’ll be guaranteed a certain standard of food. Make sure it’s in keeping with the rest of your brand and is projecting the right message.

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