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What makes a strong graphic designer?

What makes a strong graphic designer?

What makes a strong graphic designer?

  • Trust their expertise: there’s a reason you’re hiring a graphic designer and that’s because they have creative skills that you don’t. A really strong graphic designer will be able to craft a design that is so exact to your business needs, that you couldn’t have possibly imagined it yourself.

  • Getting to know you: a proficient graphic designer will get to know you, your business and your ambitions before starting a project. By understanding everything that you’re hoping to achieve, your graphic designer will have the best chance of creating a design that you’ll love.

  • It’s all in the brief: An effective working relationship with a graphic designer is built on a robust brief. A briefing document needs to detail all of your requirements clearly and concisely, including the task you’d like your designer to complete, why you need this task completed, an existing version of the design and your desired result.

  • Keep talking: to achieve the finished article that you’re hoping for, make sure that you keep a line of communication open with your graphic designer. Although a designer will be used to sussing out a business before starting a new project, they only know as much as you tell them. If there’s something pivotal to the design, such as a colour or specific feature, take time to let them know.

  • Fully equipped: graphic designers may work solo as a freelancer or might be part of an agency like evokeu. Either is a good route to finding a trained professional to work on your designs, but the benefit of using an agency is that you’ll have access to a whole host of other skilled professionals, from copywriters and web builders to project managers.

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