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What is a customer avatar?

What is a customer avatar?

What is a customer avatar?

  • Guidance for your entire business: a customer avatar or a buyer persona is a detailed description of your ideal customer. Like a character in a book, to create a customer avatar you need to consider every area of their personality. Once you’ve established a fully formed persona, this will dictate the business-critical decisions that you make, from the design of your packaging and the look of your website to the marketing channels that you choose.

  • Ask the right questions: when creating your customer avatar, you need to put yourself in their shoes and think about their age, where they live, their income and their interests. You need to know your customer avatar like you would your best friend. Leave no stone unturned.

  • Makes for a better marketing strategy: a customer avatar will guide your marketing so that you’re not entering the market blindly. It will refine your efforts and steer the direction of your plans. If you know how to attract your customers, then you’re increasing your chances of a prospect engaging with your social posts or clicking through to your website. Work smarter, not harder.

  • Helps focus your sales team: using a customer avatar will assist your sales team with who they target, as well as the means of communication that they use. For cold leads, are they reaching out to them over the phone or doing door-to-door sales, and for warm leads that organically approach your business, are they speaking to this audience in an informal chatty way or opting for ‘sir and madam’ throughout the conversation.

  • Bang for your buck: when you’re advertising your business in a way that your ultimate customer would like and in the places that they visit, then you’ll be spending your time and money where it matters. The more you grow your presence in the right areas, the more your business will be spoken about amongst the right audiences. Like a match made in heaven, your ideal customers will then start seeking you out, rather than the other way round.

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