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What are the benefits of google reviews?

What are the benefits of google reviews?

What are the benefits of google reviews?

  • Google is a goldmine: Google is the most used search engine, with millions of searches taking place every day. Google reviews could be the solution that your business has been looking for to take it that next step and should play a pivotal role in your marketing strategy.

  • Strengthen your credibility: Google reviews expose us to hundreds of people’s opinions. Having more reviews at our disposal makes it more likely that the view that’s being shared is trustworthy – numerous five-star reviews are often a good indication that the product or service is worth our money and time. For businesses, racking up strong reviews on Google can pay dividends, and will add weight to the claims that you’re making about your product or service.

  • Make the most of your Google reviews: as Google reviews are posted in the public domain, you’re within your right to share the comments elsewhere, including on your marketing collateral, website, social channels, and with the media. Google reviews are a vital tool that can be used to promote your product and service beyond the Google platform.

  • Marketing that won’t impact your budget: Google reviews are a free form of marketing that will complement your existing assets. Completing a Google review isn’t an onerous task. In just a few simple clicks, a review will have been submitted. Don’t miss the opportunity to ask customers to fulfil one simple task that will help your business no end.

  • Encourage customers to submit a review: to persuade your customers to share their thoughts in a post, make sure that your website is search engine optimised (SEO) with popular keywords related to your product or service, list your business on Google, and send an email once a purchase has been made explaining how completing a Google review benefits your business.

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